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state-owned or state-holding airports.▓Private capital is permitted in particip▓ating in the construction and operation of▓ civilian airports and their affiliat▓ed facilities via franchising, transfer of operation or stock right, and entrusted operation.Private investment no longer needs the agency's approval to fund terminals, logistics and warehousing, g▓round services and other operations of entirely civilian airports.Qualified private and foreign investment are now admitted to providing in

term▓ediary services such as counseling, designing and maintenance to civilian airports, according to the guideline.The cou▓ntry also fully opens the market of general avia▓tion airport construction, launchpad for a fledgling industry with a market value

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eral airports and other market entities, CAAC said.China will become the world's first aviation market to exceed o

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ne trillion U.S.▓ dollars in value in 20 years, according to a forecast by the U.S. airplane giant ▓Boeing.The country is predicted to deman

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d▓ 6,810 new airplanes over the next two decades, with the total value of new aircraft reac▓hing 1.025 trillion dollars.However, insufficient number of civilian airports especially general airports is hampering China's ability to meet the de▓mands of a booming consumer market, fueled by rising income and more service consumption.Openin▓g the door to private capital is bel▓ieved to alleviate the government's financial pressure and accelerate the building of civilian▓ airports. Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR ▓Code to follow us on WechatChina's red-hot property market in major cities has shown signs of cooling after authorities stepped in with a spate of measures to contain sky-high prices, an official survey showed Friday, citing fresh data f

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or the first half of October.China's property market sh▓ows signs of cooling following new policiesChina's property market shows s▓igns of cooling following new policies10-21-2016 14:57 BJTBEIJING, Oct. 21 (Xinhua) -- China's red-▓hot property market in major cities has show▓n signs of cooling after authorities stepped in with a

tion Administr ation of China (CA AC)▓ rolled out the red carpet for private capit▓a l in all civilian airp ort projects tha t are planne d in the country 's outline f or airport dev elopmen▓t or special regional a nd industr ial planning.Fi?/a> 坣ancing f or civilian airports' construction and operation under public- 兴和县卓资县wap 吴桥县wap 云南省5G 师宗县wap 永修县5G 即墨市wap 汤原县5G 鄂温克族自治旗wap 贵溪市5G 松阳县wap 响水县wap 岳阳市5G 梁山县5G 桐乡市wap 惠民县5G 新津县wap 峨眉山市5G 嘉鱼县wap 河北5G 苍梧县5G 网页版传奇私服网站新开网 6职业热血传奇私服 传奇私服架设图文教程 传奇私服gm版本 传奇私服架设视频教程 中变传奇私服新开一秒 今日新开热血传奇私服 热血传奇私服微端版 传奇私服手机版排行 热血传奇私服端游